The Center was founded in 2000 as “The Rehabilitation Centre for Persons Having Limited Ability” (100% state-owned shares).

The prosthetic-orthopedic enterprise of the Centre has been operating since 1921. Medical division was established in 1961, as an independent “Medical-Labour Expert Commission” with 25 hospital beds. By 1970 it was expanded to 120 beds. In 1985 medical division was transformed into “The Republican Centre of Expertise and Rehabilitation”, that provided medical services for persons having limited ability.

In 1997-2000 “Disabled People Service State Program” funded the reconstruction of the enterprise and medical division. There was installed technical equipment of German firm “Otto Bock” in enterprise. The Centre offers a wide range of the prosthetic-orthopedic products and qualified medical and rehabilitation services.

“The Rehabilitation Centre for Persons Having Limited Ability” is located in the centre of Tbilisi. The building has the special entrance (wheelchair ramp) from the facade as well as yard side. Also, there are the wards for primary, complicated and atypical prosthetic care for 10 persons.